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 Limes, lemons, Red Currants, and rhubarb and garlic.

Jams, Marmalades, Jellies,and Cordial ,all organic, are made with fruits from the farm. These are available at the farm .They are extremely good.

We also have a good range of Birdland Seed ,open pollinated, organic vegetable seeds.


What to look for while picking the berries?
- Good berries have a light powdery grey-blue colour, the so-called bloom.
- Pick only largest plumpest berries, these are the ripest.
- Do not wash the berries, it will damage the fruit.
- Refrigerate the fresh berries as soon as possible after picking.

How to maintain the high quality of the berries?

Do not wash the berries
When refrigerated immediately after picking the berries can be kept for up to 2 weeks. Alternatively the berries are excellent for freezing. Put them straight into the freezer and do not thaw frozen berries before cooking.


Blueberry Recipe



Blueberry plants are sold out. We hope to have more in the spring.

Sunshine Blue is a smaller plant  recommended for the home garden. It is available in  20 cm containers. Sunshine Blue is a small,evergreen, very attractive plant with good fruit. It will do well in a pot as well as in the garden and is ideal for the smaller suburban garden and makes an excellent hedge.


Blueberry Cultivation instructions

In 1982 our first 500 Blueberry bushes were planted .Many of these plants have been replaced in recent years but much of the plantation remains with the old  bushes now 30 years old. Our new block is established and thriving. Our blueberries are organically grown and are Organically Certified. OGA 3147A



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